The media wants us to hate and fear each other


I am not defending Mick Philpott. His acts are well documented, and horrific.

I am questioning the government for hiding behind the UK press, the press who flooded the UK with endless Mick Philpott stories during the same week the government officially cut UK benefits for the working class and disabled.

If you are going to make your cuts and you believe they are justified, don’t hide.

Stand up. Take the flack. Argue your reasoning.

Instead, as the government fuck the poor, we are all too distracted by our bloodthirsty craving to appear morally uncorrupted.

The UK government timed their benefit cuts to come into force at the beginning of the same week the verdict of the Mick Philpott trial was announced.

Instead of David Cameron defending himself against a backlash from disabled people and those losing out on housing benefit, he is instead able to criticise those on welfare under the angelic light of being anti-Mick Philpott  with the full backing of the people he is taking money from to pay for the mistakes of his bankers.

The press want you to hate Mick Philpott.

The government need you to.

The government threw a grenade at a disabled person and, just before it exploded, the press pointed to a monster they created standing behind us.

By the time we all look back, we won’t remember why we looked away.

In a time the poor should be revolting against this government’s benefit cuts, the poor are being turned against themselves.

The pitchforks are out, but the villagers are holding the prongs against their own chest, because the newspapers are sending the message out that the real problem is them.

Behind the scenes, the press are still pouring all the right drinks into all the right government glasses.

David Cameron is still having big mansion wank parties. The leaders of our press, government and banks are standing in the same room masturbating frivolously over an ever soggy poverty biscuit.

Nothing has changed; worryingly, if you look closely and ignore the press, everything is slowly getting a little bit worse for the masses, and somehow, despite stealing trillions, yes TRILLIONS, a little bit better for the rich.

The newspapers traditionally read by the poor, are owned by the rich; they manipulate the thought processes of the too easily manipulated.

The documentary on the Trial of Mick Philpott shown on ITV the night of the verdict was not cobbled together in an hour. The programme was made months in advance.

Mick Philpott is a beast, a certain type of monster, but not the monster.

He killed six children. We can fathom the death of six children. We can understand the death of six children just enough to hate the act until our blood boils.

What we find a lot harder to fathom, because of its epic gargantuanousness, is this:

The welfare cuts in disability allowance alone will take £26billion over 5 years away from disabled people, roughly the same amount as the government paid RBS to get them initially out of trouble.

Coincidence, or, are the poor paying for the mistakes of the rich and instead of complaining, chasing a witch created by the media?

We have been thrown a bone, and look how we chew.

How many people like Mick Philpott could be educated for £26billion?


More, but not just more, better education means statistically less idiots. Less idiots means less domestic abuse, less alcohol abuse, less violence used to resolve problems, and in the most extreme cases less death, less murder.

Yet we pay bankers millions and teachers a pittance.

In any system based on logic, awareness and fairness for all, that is the wrong way around.

Children born from the educated means a higher chance of educated children.

Our system is not designed to be fair for as many people as possible. That’s why hospitals are closing, the poor and those in need are being fucked, teachers are underpaid; and all to sustain the big bonuses of bankers who have consistently proven beyond doubt they are criminals.

You don’t kill a monster by pulling out a toenail called Mick Philpott.

£26billion thrown into education would not guarantee solving everything, but it would open minds to other ways of thinking. I can’t see it doing any harm.

There are not many master criminals, but there are many criminals who never got the chance to master anything.

The actual money owed to the UK government for supporting banks since 2009, at one point, was £1.162trillion (TRILLION) pounds.

They still owe something around the region of £500 billion (BILLION) pounds. And official figures are probably way off.

Tony Benn said if you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people.

I say if you can find money to kill people AND find a way for bankers to steal trillions, then there isn’t just enough money to help people in the natural pot, before the wars and theft.

There is enough money to save and love all the people of England.

There is enough money in our pot alone before we corrupt it, to save and love the world.

Mick Philpott is an under-educated moron, a poor idiot who grew up into a heartless wanker, nobody can argue what he became; but what if he had gone through private education when he was younger.

What would the outcome have been?

Who could he have been?

Our bankers stole £1.162 Trillion (!) – How about we don’t pay that money back to the banks and instead pay it back into education; let the bankers mistakes pay for more schools to reduce class sizes and pay the teachers more, but instead, the money is being pumped straight back into banking.

Why are banks at the top of our hierarchy? Why aren’t schools and education?

We do what the media tells us to do.

The press want you to think Mick is the monster of last week because the real monster of last week is so big we cannot see or fathom it.

The real monster stole so much money we can’t count it.

The real monster is taking life from the disabled.

The real monster creates the uneducated.

The real monster is closing hospitals.

The real monster feeds off the poor, sick and old.

The real monster gets the poor to blame the poor for what it takes.

The real monster is not Mick Philpott; the real monster is what is making you think Mick Philpott is the real monster.

You are not more special for screaming louder than everyone else how much you hate Mick Philpott, you are not a better person for sharing a Facebook meme with his face on it wanting him to die.

You are exactly the same person, only you are repeating and promoting the message the government wants you to repeat.

Tell your children with heartfelt passion all about evil Mick Philpott; forget to sit them down and explain why they are hungry and there’s no food in the fridge.

That, is madness.

The more you hate Mick Philpott, the more you forget who failed to provide him with a reasonable chance of being anyone other than who he became.

You are a robot, complaining about the rust on your wheels as your maker pulls the plug.

The pitchforks are out. The people want blood. And because of a well timed press release, the people don’t want the blood of the rich people at the top making them poorer, they want the blood of the poor.

This is dog eat dog, we are in a cage, our owners in their suits are looking down on us from above, laughing at how easy it is to get away with what they are doing.

Go fetch.

Sources for the banking and disability figures:

The pic at the end titled “it’s media” is not mine. I’ve been unable to find the source. Whoever made it, a cap tipped in your direction fine Sir/Madam.

6 thoughts on “The media wants us to hate and fear each other

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  2. Well said. The corruption is maddening and pervasive. The media likes to point in one direction, while the real issues at hand are in the opposite direction. The masses follow like sheep, unaware that they are being led. I like your mind, the way you think, and your style.

  3. Interesting theory indeed, helpful for the government is such similar timing, but evidence? There’s also not much talk about how it was timed at all. Though much of the rest you talk about it well thought out and constructed.

    1. Naturally my interpretation of the facts can be argued – but the governments new taxes came into play on the 1st April 2013. See here:
      At no point, on the front page of The Sun from the 1st April (one of the main newspapers meant to reflect the working class demographic) to today, did The Sun mention on its front page anything about the cuts.
      In the same week the press flamed up the Di Canio fascist story. The Di Canio story covered the front page before the Mick Philpott verdict. After that, it was all Philpott.
      The front pages of The Sun from the 25th March to the 5th April are here:
      They cover flying monkeys, fascism and Mick Philpott.
      No mention of the cuts shaping the lives of their readers.
      All very strange, but then again, this is The Sun – so not really strange at all.
      Thanks for reading and for your kind comment! 🙂

  4. OMG! I LOVE this! You have no idea how many times I have tried to get people to see how the media manipulates their thinking – my favourite was when they were going on about these Super Injunctions to divert the herd from realising that what they were doing was so morally WRONG! So awesome to have found a kindred spirit!

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