Margaret Thatcher: She lived with criticism, let her rest in peace.

My knowledge of Margaret Thatcher isn’t great, I am 32, so did not personally suffer from the Poll Tax, though my parents surely did.

I know she was in power for a long time, which takes balls. I know she reduced the national debt.

I know she divides opinion.

I know to piss off that many people you have to be honest, speak your true mind regardless of popular opinion, and not care what an entire country of strangers thinks of you.

I admire that.

I admire that more when I stop to consider we live on a planet inhabited with people who care more about how popular they are, and will alter their own opinion in order to increase popularity, than who they really are.

At least people knew who they hated and why.

Today we love an image we don’t think to question.

I know when she travelled to America, America stopped and took notice because it was a big deal; a far cry from the English politicians of today who whiten their teeth and sit, tails wagging, hoping for any thumbs-up political crumbs and appearances on American daytime TV shows.

I don’t know enough about all the bad things she is meant to have done, but even if I did – even if I had been financially destroyed by the poll tax and her ideas – I would not be rejoicing her death.

There is a saying, “he who holds onto a hot coal, only burns himself” – meaning anyone still angry with Margaret Thatcher, after she is dead, is only putting lines on their own face.

Some people might say I didn’t live through it, I don’t understand, her mistakes didn’t take money out of my pocket. And to those people, I say, you are correct. I am sorry you suffered. But I also say, it doesn’t matter now, she’s gone. Dead. It’s over.

All the anger aimed at Margaret Thatcher in life has no purpose now but to serve anger itself.

She lived with criticism.

Let her rest in peace.

11 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher: She lived with criticism, let her rest in peace.

  1. You play right into the hands of those who think she was a great leader—and there should be more like her. Who ever said you had to be old enough to appreciate history? No, Maggie is resting nicely. You don’t have to shed a tear for her. You’re much better off sympathizing with the homeless.

    1. I’m not playing into the hands of anyone. I’m giving my point of view. What people take, or do not take from the article, is entirely up to them. I take your points, but I stand by my blogpost 🙂

  2. Very well said..Robolollypop..You summed up everything that needed to be said..RIP Mrs Thatcher…!!

  3. Thanks for the link to this guy – he’s my new best friend. Thought this was very measured. I like measured people as I rarely am.

    Jenny texted to say jackie and mark keedwell separated. Amazed they’d stayed together this long. Supposedly she asked him if he loved her and he said no. She decided it was pointless being together if he didn’t. She’s also diabetic from obesity too!

    I’m in Yorkshire with grandma Charlie and Caspar. Off to Lake District Wednesday to see Dave’s folks and head back to Totty on Thursday. Big family loop.

    She’s amazing for 94. Will send a pic of her playing darts with Charlie.

    Howz life in London doing??

    Miss you muchly T xxxxxxx

    Tanya Vickers 💭

    +44 (0) 7956 637474

  4. Thank you for sharing This. I am a older older then you but I have to agree She will probably go down in history as one of the best leaders of the Free World and pay attention to the word free. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you on your comment board.
    Steve Coleman

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