Paris Brown: Goodbye. Good luck. And on behalf of any adult with sense; I’m sorry.

Paris Brown has quit.

A 17 year old is too young to vote but old enough to be destroyed by the media. The victim of a massive and vindictive over reaction by our press.

I watched Sky News earlier in the week show repeated shots of Paris breaking down in tears apologising to the media for tweets taken out of context from when she was 14 years old. 14!!! I’ve read her tweets. They are not how the media reported them. I feel sorry for this kid.

This is our moral compass in Britain now? Bullying a 17 year old to tears? Bullying her into tears and then kicking her carcass out the door for messages she tweeted three years ago??

The Daily Mail didn’t just find these tweets. The Daily Mail already had their front page ready, they just needed to find some loose terminology in how Paris Brown expresses herself on-line. Paris Brown, not privately educated; The Daily Mail knew if they went back far enough, they would find something they could spin and run their hate campaign.

But they didn’t find anything. They went back years. All the way back to when she was fourteen. They trawled through over 4,000 tweets.

And they still didn’t find anything.

So they made it up.

And they made you believe what they did.

They took the handful of tweets they could spin, and they spun them.

I will take what the Daily Mail has labelled Paris Browns “views on gay rights.” – I’m not going to go into the race tweets, or the others, I could – but it’s all the same principle and this post is going to be too long, and even more repetitive than my usual posts if I do 😉

Remember: Views.On.Gay.Rights.

Okay, so for this to piss people off to the extent she is labelled racist and homophobic through the national press, I’m thinking she has to be saying something like “no faggots can get fucking married eva, hate them all!! They shouldn’t be able to vote or marry!!” – sorry, but I am trying to make a point. That would be a tweet about gay rights, a tweet that would have rightly got her sacked and made an example of.

Here is what she actually tweeted, as published in the Daily Mail:

paris brown2

Hmm…Nothing about Gay Rights at all! She isn’t even talking about sexuality!!! She sounds like a 14 year old pissed off with kids trying to sound cool to her mates!! Let’s set her on fucking fire!! Let’s run through London with her dismembered head on a spike to make us feel like good people!!!

Paris Brown called some children faggots because they were pissing her off and kept knocking on her front door. When she was fourteen. The children were not gay. She did not use the term in a derogatory way to highlight or use the sexuality of the children against them.

She was not the commissioner of anything when she tweeted her thoughts. She was a kid.

Words are interpretable. The meanings of words change from generation to generation.

I would not use the word faggot because of its connotation to me, and my peers, but that does not mean it has the same connotation to someone else.

How can we accuse Paris Brown of failing to take into account the historical connotation of the word faggot (to us) when she was fourteen years old, when as adults, today – we are failing to do the EXACT SAME THING to her?!

“faggot” before my generation was a word used to describe a bundle of sticks. Tolkien used the word often in The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

So is Paris Brown homophobic now, but wouldn’t have been forty years ago?

If Paris doesn’t get how we understand the word, is it such a reach to think we might not understand how she used it?

If Twitter had been around for one hundred years, and I went through every account from before forty years ago, do I have a right to attack, accuse and destroy anyone for using a word because of how I tell them I’ve decided they used it?

How can anyone persist with telling Paris Brown her own intentions, when Paris Brown is in tears, saying to the world, “how you are telling me I intended my words is wrong.”

The rational response is to apologise to the wrongly accused, not chase her through town with pitchforks, tie her up, and burn her alive whilst screaming about what a wonderful person you are.

The anger should be directed at the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail, who accused Paris Brown without the needed to justify their false accusations, are the same paper who told the world Stephen Gately died because he was homosexual. Or does everyone just forget that the Daily Mail accusing anyone of being racist and homophobic is pure hypocrisy, deliberately intended to inflame at the expense of a teenager?

Where was her trial before judgement? How in the media can someone be labelled as guilty and the fight be all about trying to prove the truth?

The media are not law, they have no idea. They are bullying pricks with cameras who believe they are more than they are.

Now Paris Brown has stepped down after being bullied by the national press, and slammed by the public.

This entire story leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It reminds of how nasty we are with each chance we get to show compassion. The desire for moral supremacy is the gold of fools. What is it with people thriving and becoming so vocal only when inside a pack defined by ignorance? The mob would rather attack Paris Brown in numbers than seek the truth as individuals.

She was fourteen and stupid.

Bring me a parent who thinks they don’t have a daft fourteen year old child, and I bring you a daft parent.

The message to any kids in normal education is pretty clear: stay there. Join the dole queue. If you come near any important government role we will fuck you up forever.

This was our chance to forgive, to learn, to grow.

This was our chance to get to know the real youth of today, to build trust, to learn how to connect to prevent real crimes in the future… but unfortunately the plan has been destroyed by something far worse; the bitter youth of yesterday.

Paris Brown may end up on the dole now, with no future, and the Daily Mail and all its disillusioned readers will hate her for that too.

15 thoughts on “Paris Brown: Goodbye. Good luck. And on behalf of any adult with sense; I’m sorry.

  1. Hi Craig,
    I know I’m late to this but I agree with you…great post.
    I find that the Daily Mail, more than the other Tabs, love to sensationalise and stir the excrement….they really are the proverbial urine extractors.
    Anyway….thanks again, for the follow on Twitter.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

  2. Factually incorrect, she also tweeted that someone ‘looked like a faggot’ – what does one look like? It’s a homophobic reference, and it leads to homophobia amongst her piers being acceptable. She’s not evil, she’s not killed anyone, but actions have consequences and so they should. This whole mess points out that the position she was offered was ridiculous in the first place.

    1. If you look at the image in the middle of the post, you will notice the tweet you are referring to. Generally speaking (not aimed at you busy) I think it’s unfair for people to use “the post is ridiculous” argument as part of their case against her – not unless people also list ALL of the ridiculous posts available in government. It’s a general point about silly jobs titles, not really anything to do with the UK media launching an all out attack on a teenager.
      I do think the people who put her in the position, without checking her Twitter account (because they are too old and don’t understand social media) made the mistake, and if anyone should be held accountable, it’s them for throwing a girl to the wolves, and then allowing her to resign without really backing her.

      1. Welcome – Excellent piece. I have serious problem with crap press – they are skinning animals alive in China and we are doing business with them – that’s what needs exposing not kids’ mistakes.

  3. I feel a very petty side of me that hopes someone goes through the tweets of any teenagers associated with the people who did this to her. Might be shocking.

  4. Eloquently put. Really well done on this post! Could not agree more. Feel so sorry for her.

  5. I hope the public look beyond the media..and see a young girl who like the rest of society ..has made mistakes and like the rest of us will continue to do so..its lessons of life…and wisdom will eventually come.But in the meantime..let her be the young girl that she is!!!!!

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