Bob Has Arrived!



Amardeep Thinqir is a fourteen year old Muslim boy, and he’s keeping his thoughts to himself. He lives on a council estate in South London. He has no friends. Adults view him with mistrust. Children think he’s a weirdo. He reads books. He looks out of his bedroom window and imagines the life he wants to live that he isn’t.

We join Amardeep as he quietly stands at the foot of the tallest building he’s ever seen, with his hands over his eyes looking up with a mix of disbelief and wonderment.  A rainbow coloured hot air balloon crashes into the building. The hot air balloon is special, something beautiful in Bermondsey: a flower growing through concrete.  A girl screams from the rooftop and a big black dog falls from the sky and lands on the bonnet of a 1984 Ford Fiesta. A little old lady needs help balancing three wheelbarrows, and something unusual is happening to the weather.

Deep decides to help the old woman, journey to the hot air balloon, save the girl, and stop off along the way to deliver some bad news to the owner of a black dog and the 1984 Ford Fiesta.

Deep in the Bin of Bob is dark, funny, philosophical and packed with original thought.

This is a story that holds a magnifying glass to the cruelty of man, and delights in pointing out the sublime in the hideous.

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