Book Review – A Postmodern Belch

This is the kind of book publishing companies pretend they print.

A Postmodern Belch deserves massive recognition as a work of complete brilliance. A book about every book ever written that doesn’t need to resort to dirty tactics like linear storytelling and A + B = C. You don’t need to have a history degree on literature, you don’t need to have read every book penned to understand it – you just need to have an imagination and a sense of humour.

In a nutshell, it’s a book where the author loses control over his characters, they rebel against his power to govern their lives and leave his book to write their own books so they can live in freedom. But then they don’t want to be in each other’s books. And the entire thing gets entirely, most beautifully, out of hand. I think to intellectualize it too much would almost be a disservice to the complete and utter fun of the entire thing. From start to end it’s a creative master show. An entire empire of literary suns. The fact this book hasn’t been picked up a major publishing house honestly fills me with dread. This book should be a must read for any young adult looking to become an author. Teach it in schools, put it on the syllabus.

There are authors and there are writers. Writers put words on paper. Authors put their soul into something. And although A Postmodern Belch is a funny and original riot from start to finish, there is no doubt in my mind that M J Nicholls is a rare breed. He is an author. This might not be the book that breaks him, because the publishing industry is a pile of wank mostly controlled by failed authors looking to publish anything that sounds like themselves. Which this book certainly won’t do. But, should Mr. Nicholls ever put his imagination into a bog standard story, it will surely stand out as remarkable.

A Postmodern Belch is genuinely brilliant. If you have an imagination (you do) then you should read it (you should). If you think you don’t have an imagination (you do) then you should read it as a matter of great urgency (you really should).

The world is a brighter place because of books like this, and authors like M J Nicholls.

I give it three hundred and fifty three crabs out of a seafood restaurant.

“That’s all I have to say about that.” ~ Forrest Gump.

You can buy the book here >

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