The monster has moved from under the bed, and there are no parents left to comfort the children

UN’s Jeffrey Feltman: “We believe 80% of Gaza’s casualties are civilians.”

I do not support Hamas or Israel. I am not anti religion. I am not anti-Jewish. I’m not religious – so I’m truly free to love all religions, or gloriously condemn them all for causing the insanity of man. I don’t agree with Hamas firing rockets into Israel, and I don’t agree with Israel placing trade sanctions on Palestine. I don’t agree with Hamas digging tunnels into Israel and kidnapping and killing the innocent. I don’t agree with the relatively small number of Zionists who travelled to Palestine in the late 1800s and wanted to turn Palestine into their homeland. I don’t agree with the UN dividing up the land of Palestine in 1947, but, oh, the brilliance of hindsight.

Before all this began, we should remember that for centuries there was no conflict. In the 19th century the land of Palestine was inhabited by a multicultural population – approximately 86% Muslim, 10% Christian, and 4% Jewish – all living in peace. Since 1947 violence between Israel and Palestine has escalated, and yet our leaders ignore the facts that violence merely creates the escalation of violence. A signature on a peace agreement today will mean little to the fathers and mothers who now have dead children. Wisdom, has a mountain to climb.

The reaction TODAY from Israel is disproportionate. Sky News calls it a war, and the BBC coverage remains biased. According to the Cambridge dictionary a war is “any situation in which there is strong competition between opposing sides.” This is not a war. This is Goliath putting a stone in David’s hand and telling him if he doesn’t throw it he’ll stop David from feeding his family. So David throws the stone at Goliath. And then Goliath stamps on David. And his house. His friends. His parents. His wife. His children. And then blames David for throwing the stone.

You can maybe misfire one rocket into a UN safety zone. Perhaps, although with today’s technology, I’m dubious. But six? This is rapidly appearing like an attempt to wipe out an entire population of people. And still the world justifies. I wonder, when is enough? How many women and children have to die before somebody in power speaks out against the methods Israel are deploying? And how many men have to die? (Why do we see men as less important than a child or a woman? We are all life). During World War 2 America bombed Japan with leaflets telling the population that an atomic bomb was coming. These leaflets told the people of Japan to travel to Hiroshima, where they would be safe. Days later, after hundreds of thousands of women, children and innocent men had travelled to Hiroshima, the atomic bomb landed. I am guessing the voice of reason will not come from the Whitehouse. Nor will it come from the Houses of Parliament.

We all need to make up our own minds about what is acceptable and what is not. Ask yourself the question, is the aggression of Israel right? Are these tactics to defeat Hamas at all costs moral? At what point, is it not okay? My concern is many people are justifying the deaths of children because of the bigger picture, but tell me, where is the beauty in a bigger picture that appears perfect from afar, when up close it reveals itself to be formed from the mutilated corpses of thousands of dead children?

The devil, is in the details.

In the end, all that will remain of the human race will be our rusting weapons, and the statues of those who killed us. Unless we – the people – get our shit together and say no more killing. If you are a soldier of Israel or a fighter of Hamas – stop killing. Whoever your enemy is: don’t kill them. Whatever religion they are, wherever they live, no matter what they have done or might do, no matter what they hold in their hands or what they believe, no matter how they think, who they love or what flag they fly: don’t kill them.

Some think that the normal person in the street is too stupid to understand the conflict and so therefore shouldn’t comment on what they cannot understand. They say unless you are a politician you are too naive to understand the history between Judaism and Israel, and therefore should remain silent as bombs rain down on wide-eyed fatherless children. Well, I say the conflict is about understanding the history, yes – and then, after understanding it all – saying – hey, you know what? No attempt to complicate the reasons behind how we got to where we are today can overpower the basic simple fact that killing people in disproportionate numbers is wrong. Bankers made banking complicated to steal money, politicians tell the world we are too stupid to understand the depths of historical conflicts, in order to continue perpetuating crimes against all of humanity to maintain their power and influence.

Some believe you can’t know about the conflict, or take sides unless you are there. But to me, that feels like closing your eyes when the facts and information is all too readily available. Ignorance is a choice. We have no excuse for relying on mainstream media to shape our views. A person doesn’t need to be in a warzone to feel empathy for fellow human beings trapped in war: empathy doesn’t have a passport. Empathy doesn’t fly a flag or pray to a God. When innocent children become acceptable collateral damage in a war, then what are we fighting for? A better world? Because when the first child doesn’t come home, that better world no longer exists. You can’t reach heaven on a stair of bodies.

Our leaders do not represent us. They do what advances them, and then convince us (through the media) that their actions are in our better interests. There is no justification for the murder of children. There is nothing Obama or the leader of Israel or David Cameron or some journalist can say or write to convince me otherwise, and it surprises me how easily people are swayed by a decent speech. Our leaders are just people. And yes, history is powerful, but history is always a moment weaker than today.

I am not defending the actions of Hamas – it’s just that the numbers of the dead simply do not back up the logic of Cameron, Obama and Netanyahu. There is nothing complicated about the numbers. They are beautifully, hauntingly simple. One number is massive (the number of Palestinians dead) one number is small (the number of Israelis dead).

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.58.54

The first concern of American and UK politicians is not the children dying, but simply a political inconvenience: as the pile of dead children becomes a mountain the position of supporting Israel begins to make them look more like who they really are – psychopaths at the top of their game – because if my enemy stood behind children, I could not kill the children and blame my enemy. I would find another, less mass-murdering, way. But these leaders are not normal people, they’ll murder a thousand innocent people to kill one guilty enemy, and call it a glorious victory. And our leaders will applaud them. And the people will applaud their leaders.

I watched Prime Minster’s Question Time last week and he shirked 12 direct questions about Gaza. “How can you not think, Mr Prime Minister, that the offensive by Israel is disproportionate?” “Mr Prime Minister, the people I represent want a straight answer, do you think the Israeli offensive has become disproportionate? Yes or No?” David repeated the same answer to every question, which was to give no answer, and to repeat the words of Obama. He is not a leader. Ed Miliband did the same on the Andrew Marr show last weekend. These are not leaders. They do not represent my views and the peaceful views of millions. They remain silent when they should make a stand, and when killing children is part of the solution, then the silence of world leaders merely serves to facilitate the wrong answer.

I am not anti Israeli. I met a group of Israeli men when travelling and they were men of peace. Young men, with age in their eyes – they had been forced into military service and had come out the other side. They knew about peace because they had seen war. The soldiers of Israel are victims too. Any country that forces their children into the army is manipulating the minds of their children to turn them into compliant adults. The people of Israel are victims. The people of Gaza are victims.

It is time for our leaders to lead. And there’s only one place we need to be led. And that is to peace. Peace for all, because history tells us this ends with nobody winning and more empty classrooms.

People in power are those with the influence to steer countries to peace, or into wars. I wonder what’s really in the hearts of those who lead us today, when all around the world is death and crying children. Children no longer crying because of the monster under the bed, crying because of the real monster in this world – man, and our inability to love because of our fears and cravings for power and more lines in the sand.

There is hope. Social Media and the Internet might just save us from ourselves. Victims of violence perpetuated by political regimes now have a voice. They can post to Twitter, Facebook and publish their stories. Right now, today, Twitter is flooded with images of the innocent victims of horrific violence. Dead children, missing heads – the true horror of war can now be seen from the armchair. Perhaps if evil can be seen, evil can be held accountable. The Internet is becoming the mirror the normal person can hold up to the face of the devil. And every year, as Twitter and Facebook and blogs grow in popularity, the mirror grows larger. And the people who hold the mirror grow more determined. One day the devil will have nowhere to look but in the mirror, and on that day, I believe the world and politics will change.

Listen to your own intuitive consciousness and ask yourself the question: is the decision by Israel to destroy Hamas at any cost morally right?

I believe that to say there is no other choice but to kill children who are in the way of an enemy, is merely to spend less time than needed in finding the right answer.

But that’s just me. You have to make up your own mind.

Peace out.

To support Amnesty International, who don’t care about sides but do care about life, click on this link:

You can donate a few quid, or you can click on the above link and send an email protesting against the UK arming Israel. It takes 25 seconds.

And in the future it might just save the life of a child.

22 thoughts on “The monster has moved from under the bed, and there are no parents left to comfort the children

  1. Superb Craig, you say exactly what I feel, although I am factless – and I love how well researched you are. No one seems to be allowed to comment without being accused of standing on one side or the other – but really it’s just madness.

  2. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing
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  3. Hello Craig, this is a really interesting piece but I must disagree on one point. Even though you rightly start it trying to put the fight in a historical context, you do forget a bit of history and fall into the trap of equalizing the two sides. Hamas represent (at this moment for several reasons) Palestinian resistance to a brutal occupation that has been ravaging the land for now almost 70 years. You should point out that the Palestinians have the right to fight. Everyone is shocked one way or the other when the conflict explodes and hundreds of Palestinians are killed. But the occupation and its crimes go on on a daily basis on both the Gaza strip and the West Bank. Israel kills Palestinians all the time. Just before this latest blood bath the IDF killed about 10 Palestinians in the West Bank in less than a month. Your full condemnation of Hamas I believe does not stand. To just say stop the killing everyone is not giving justice. The killing will stop at some point but the injustice will remain. What the people around the world should be screaming for is stop the injustice.

    1. Personally your reply is why he had to write this article in the first place – missing the point entirely! You are still screaming injustice – that is why there is killing. The history and quantity of deaths are irrelevant now – the killing needs to stop! I don’t believe Craig stood on either side in his article, and it’s time people got off ‘sides’ and worked together, we are all human and this is just blatant outright killing now. Assigning blame achieves nothing.

  4. i am from gaza and i want to say that hamas didnt kidnap innocents but they kidnapped the criminal israili soldiers who kill our children every moment with coo blood
    you can see this video showing these soldiers laughing and playing while they killing us

  5. Are today’s world leader and for that matter people has become insensitive to killing of innocents? I am pain to see lethargic and callous approach by the world leader in stopping such barbaric way of dispute settlement. I could not find sense of urgency any where, US diplomat were acting in more urgency at WTO round then US acted on Gaza violence.

  6. Hi, can you give a source of reference for the graph demonstrating numbers of people killed. I’d like to share it but would prefer to find it’s origins, many thanks.

  7. Hi, Could you give me the source to this: “During World War 2 America bombed Japan with leaflets telling the population that an atomic bomb was coming. These leaflets told the people of Japan to travel to Hiroshima, where they would be safe. Days later, after hundreds of thousands of women, children and innocent men had travelled to Hiroshima, the atomic bomb landed. ”

    I only find this:

    1. Google search if you want to. America leafleted Japan, stating all the places that would be destroyed. They stated 12 cities they were going to destroy. People travelled to Hiroshima because it wasn’t on the list. They thought it was safe. We know what happened next. Think it’s even on Wikipedia – it’s just one of those historical facts I thought everybody knew.

      In fact, I just checked and it’s mentioned on wiki – this should get you started:

      (scroll down to the leaflets sections).

      1. Nowhere does it state that the US leaflets encouraged people to go to Hiroshima. Did you not press on my link? What you’re stating implies an overt tactics to gather more people in Hiroshima, which they did not do.

    1. Your link merely illustrates, quite literally, one side of the story. Alan Bellows stopped short of revealing the front of the flyers. Your links states correctly that the back of the flyers said “in the next few days, some or all of the cities named on the reverse side will be destroyed by American bombs.” – but the back of the flyer is not as important as what was on the front. The front of the flyers listed the places that were to be destroyed. Hiroshima: was not on the list. People went to Hiroshima believing they would be safe. The bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. All facts, easily Googled.

  8. Craig – this is absolutely spot on! Send it to David Cameron, Obama and any other ‘leader’; let them see your views because I’m sure you speak for most people around the world.

    Well done, on a brilliant piece of writing.



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