Only the masses can get rid of the asses

This post is to all not voting on Thursday. To all those who think the future of everyone in the UK is less important than farting their way through another episode of Eastenders while slurping iron jugs of milk and chomping through three packets of Foxes biscuits. If the world ends it’s all your fault: you lazy ignorant shark breast.

Banks and corporations have created a culture of profit before anything else. Billionaire tax dodgers are operating within the law, the bankers who plunged us into economic disaster are collecting bonuses when they should be in prison, “politicians” are rigging expenses and our “leaders” would masturbate over each other on live television if their advisors told them it would win votes.

We are governed by slugs created in the slime of our apathy.

Look around. Open your fat eyes big bones. Day by day, those who have nothing are attacked by those who have nothing, and this symphony of hate is orchestrated by those who have it all: and the weapons of choice are free newspapers and Channel 5 documentaries. Wake up. Smell the manipulation. The papers are full of plastic rage for the jobless and immigrants (people), while protecting the rich with silence oiled by the stolen pensions of the average worker.

If you really can’t be bothered to vote, you ignorant cock squirrel, then in a few years time when you can’t get cancer treatment because The Conservatives privatised the NHS, then you’ll have no right to complain because you did nothing to stop it this Thursday. When you are attacked and the police can’t get to you for over an hour because of downsizing, you won’t be able to complain because you did nothing to stop it this Thursday. When your house is on fire and nobody answers your 999 distress call because of cutbacks, don’t look around and blame everyone else, because you did nothing to stop it this Thursday. When your kids come home from school stupid and angry because of large classrooms as a consequence of no teachers due to poor pay, don’t blame society. Don’t blame the other kids and the other parents. You aren’t twelve. Blame yourself, because this is the future society your ignorance created because you couldn’t be bothered to vote this Thursday.

The Conservative campaign line is “we support hard working people.”

Think about what elitist crap that is for a second. It’s so blind to the real world. It’s so biased to who they are and how they see themselves. Question the inference. If you read between the lines the message is clear: “We don’t support people who struggle. We don’t support people who can’t get a job. We don’t support people who are lost or who need help.”

What total fuckers. I’m not a fan of you, you big lazy non-voting pile of potato slop, but to have a campaign line that promotes division of society? That’s evil.

I remember when I couldn’t get a job, when I didn’t know what to do with my life. When I was one of the people the Conservative Party absolutely do not support. My situation had nothing to do with my work ethic. I couldn’t see a way out. I didn’t know how to access the information to alter my life path. It was my life at the time. And I don’t feel guilty about it and I wouldn’t change it. But the Conservative Party is implying that people in the situation I was in should feel guilty for their situation? Worse, it’s manipulating other people who are more fortunate to judge those in less fortunate situations. That thinking is unbelievably misguided and dark. When I was in my situation, every option was a brick wall or a dead end. It didn’t matter how hard I worked. Effort wasn’t the problem, having nowhere to put that effort, and not having the foundation blocks of knowledge to know how to begin to resolve the problem was the problem.

The Conservative Party are cruel fools. They should be supporting all people, not dividing us into people they can profit from and people they can’t. The basic requirement of any government has to be to help ALL. What happened to taking care of those in need? What happened to us as a society? When did we all become so out for ourselves, and when did the people switch off to their power and capacity to change the world? Wake up pork ankles, I’m talking to you.

A government should have empathy, it should have love and it should care. And if it doesn’t then it’s the duty of the people, the duty of the sum of the parts, to grow wiser and more powerful than the machine governing.

Do your part. Record Eastenders. Leave the butter for an hour. Start thinking now about how you’ll get to your local polling station this Thursday. Make a decision now to vote this Thursday. Let’s take our country back from the banks and the snakes and the foreheads and the suits and the shiny chins. Let’s move the UK in a direction that makes sense for all people, not just the few.

Enter your postcode here:

Find out where you can vote. Go on Thursday.

Here’s the good news: we get to save the world.

Imagine that for a moment. Pause to take in the significance of breaking your routine for the greater good. The future of humanity is in your tiny chubby hands.





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7 thoughts on “Only the masses can get rid of the asses

  1. Reblogged this on Like this? Don't; Like this a lot! and commented:
    I think the farts during Eastenders were wasted, certainly Eastenders is a lot of foul smelling hot air anyway; but the farts should have got up of the sofa, left the biscuits and voted with the rest of us.! They don’t call it the WIND of CHANGE for nothing!

  2. I heard about the outcome of your election, and my first question was: do they use electronic voting machines? I’m increasingly suspicious that they are hacked by the right, here in the States where I live.

  3. Reblogged this on Alison Williams Writing and commented:
    I make no apologies for using my blog for political reasons today – your vote in this election is hugely important if you want a fairer society. This post says it all and it’s why I’m voting Labour today (as well as the fact that our local (Conservative) MP is Maria Miller!).

  4. We have the same problem in The U.S. Just Vote.That was very inspirational .Hope the world is listening !

  5. I vote every time, whether general election or local. But my vote has never counted, never changed anything and,until they change the system, it never will.

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