The Oxymoron of (American) Gun Control

There is no gun control. There are guns. There is the illusion of control.

We are emotionally led beings; the beauty of being alive is we have free will, and brains, that sometimes rage.

And we are adults, we have it easy; the waves of self control and emotionally led actions are far greater in those being led by hormones and the fear of being invisible.

The kids, who have to go to school.

Not many people in human history have mastered the art of control. None I’ve met, and we are the most evolved people in our history to have lived so far.

So this is it people, this is as evolved as we can be right now, and we do not have control of ourselves.

None of us do.  We all lose control.

Buddha might have mastered control, but I never met him. And I’m pretty sure even Buddha had times when he thought understanding the point was pointless.

Times when he thought, fuck this, someone else can be wise; for a moment, I want to go crazy. Get drunk. Paint a picture of me having sex with a glove puppet.

Self-control is an illusion; control itself is an illusion, designed to make us feel as safe as possible, whilst sustaining a profitable gun business.

What does gun control even mean?

More paperwork. Longer documents to sign. Photographs.

A check on your criminal history.

Big wow.

Paperwork can be faked, and a criminal history can’t be revealed if this is a person’s first and last crime.

How does a government control an event that cannot be predicted?

By taking away the possibility of it happening. Period.

By taking away the chance anyone has of ever being a victim to it.

And that means making all guns illegal.

If we can’t control ourselves, how can we say, with straight faces, gun control is a reasonable response to the latest horrors in American schools?

The bullet in any gun has a future all of it’s own.

The future of every bullet in this world, from the deserts of Iraq, the locked gun cabinet in the house, the sidearm on the belt of the cop…The future of every bullet fired from a gun, is to cause death to one; but tears and loss to many more.

The consequences of a bullet entering another human are wildly out of control. The ripple effect of tears and loss, the tiny boxes for tiny bodies, the long empty paths of lives not walked.

Small footprints in the snow, no child coming home to finish building their first snowman.

We like to think of ourselves as an evolved society, but how can we be, when all of the worst medieval weapons rolled into one, sit in the home of so many Americans?

Feeling we need violence to protect us from violence is a philosophy so full of fear and hate, I don’t know where to begin.

The victims of this philosophy are those thinking it, but the reason they’re thinking it, is because it’s been implanted into their thought process by a system set up to control them; and when adult citizens feel they are so controlled they cannot breathe, they fight with their wife, then drive too fast to a pub and drink a shit load of beer.

Nobody gets hurt, except for the occasional liver.

But when children have those same emotions, without the rationality that comes with age and experience, without truly understanding the world around them or their role within it…

…When children feel so controlled, invisible and angry. (Anger being one of the first emotions, the sense of being controlled the first sign of a child wishing for independence. The sense of being invisible, designed to implement the notion of accomplishment.)

They pick up a gun. Because they are available.

The fast food way to obtain power. The idiots guide to being someone.

They believe a gun equates to power and status, but the opposite is true.

The person who thinks they need a gun, has lost control of their own self. They are disagreeing with the logical reasoning we are born with, using other ideas put into their head to hide behind.

They have moved from love to fellow man, toward desperation to be noticed by anyone.

In England, when kids are young, but old enough to be the dumbest they are ever going to be, kids go crazy too. They do it all over the world. In England kids drop bricks off bridges to see if they can cause car crashes, and fight each other with fists.

Sometimes fights go too far and people are stabbed.

This is youth, this is growing up.

Like wild animals, some don’t make it through.

Lots of kids around sixteen get smashed on alcohol from a young age in the UK, that’s because booze is on every shelf and our kids are told not to go near it.

In America, that fascination is exactly the same as in any kid in the UK, only kids aren’t looking up at strong alcohol desperate to get pissed, they are looking at guns and fantasizing about shooting bullets.

Now take the troubled kids in Britain, a smaller percentage, but a percentage; the young adults going out carrying knives with the intention of using them.

The one’s who don’t really know what they’re doing.

And imagine for a moment those kids are in America.

In America, the same small percentage of young adults are dreaming about shooting their class, and they know in their Dad’s bedroom sit the guns they can fire.

These young adults should be locked away in their bedrooms, masturbating six times a day…dreaming of sex like their parents did at the same age.

But not in America, where the bible bashing masses make sex and masturbation a sin.

The only release a young guy has at that age is to ejaculate into a sock, but no, he can’t have that either.

God has taken it away.

Now, that’s madness.

That is abuse.

But America can change the dream their sixteen year old kids are having, by simply taking the guns away.

And letting them wank a bit.

If guns and alcohol were available in the same shops in the UK, we would have the same problem the USA are having now.

America has a choice; take away the guns, or take away the children.

Instead, the powers that be say the answer is more control.

But ask any parent to what extent they can control their children.

Now ask yourself how important that gun really is to you.

But, the constitution; that’s what some Americans use to justify guns. A word starting with con, has tit in the middle, and holds a lesson to be learnt but nobody is getting it.

The word almost ends in tuition, but it’s missing I.

The constitution reflected it’s day, but to truly be free, America needs to have the balls to face up to a piece of paper, rip it up and start again.

Why do the peaceful masses bow down to those who wrote history? Why do we follow old rules which were relevant to violent times, but only serve to sustain violence today?

The rules of the cave should not be governing our moral structure of today.

The people who wrote the American Constitution didn’t even have electricity! They washed once a week and thought taking a bath caused sickness! These people are still telling Americans how to live?!

Oh, your child is dead – sorry, but it’s in the constitution; the people who thought big white wigs looked cool put it in.

Gather around your constitution America and tell me what it really means; because I can’t see the signature on your precious piece of paper because it’s covered in the blood of your children.

Rip up the American constitution; it’s time to accept the old way of thinking is causing a problem and not solving anything.

Burn it and start again.

It’s just a piece of paper with some ideas on, no matter what you’ve been encouraged to believe.

Your real weapon isn’t a gun, it’s your brain. And a constitution stating you have a right to carry a gun doesn’t generate an environment of intellect, it serves to turn young men who could have been someone, into young men carrying weapons.

Ironic, Charlton Heston supported the NRA, a man who travelled to the future to live in a world his old philosophy on weapons would have created.

If those people who wrote the American constitution could see the dead bodies of our children being buried today, they would rip up the constitution themselves and start again.

But not us, because the people in charge use old paperwork to define who we are, and this old paperwork happens to support exactly what they want.

But, at the same time, how can we blame the people of a country when the people are learning from their own government?

We live in a world where the US Government has a stockpile of nuclear weapons, and so do many other countries, including the UK; and every government says they need to have these weapons to protect themselves from potential attack.

They say if everyone has a nuclear weapon, then the consequence, is ever lasting peace.

Does that justification sound familiar?

Except, of course, for the one time it goes wrong, and everybody dies.

A government’s nuclear weapon is the individual’s handgun.

Obama can stand up and say weapons should be removed, but we all know the American president is controlled by the senate, and has no actual powers to do anything.

So it comes down to this; are the people of America able to set an example for the American government rather than the other way around?

Can those led, set an example for their leaders; can mice become men?

I say yes.

I say when a government is acting continuously against the wishes of common sense, and the President, then it’s time for the individual parent to start setting their own example of what love and life really means.

Time to set the right example for their children.

Time for the individual American to stand up and say they don’t need a gun to feel safe, because there’s no monster in their cupboard.

Despite Fox News telling them there is.

The government doesn’t have to make guns unavailable, the government doesn’t have to outlaw guns…and with corporations ruling America, the government most likely won’t.

But when our leaders don’t stand up for the right decision, people can stand up for themselves.

We live in a world and a time we don’t have to wait for the people in power to do the right thing, social media means we all have a voice.

And if we all decided, if we all agreed to act, the corrupt leaders of today picking retirement funds over the right decisions to make, become obsolete.

Whatever you’re told about guns being for peace, and being safe in a controlled environment; the information is wrong.

If your brain tells you guns are for peace, if your brains tell you safety is in the eye of your shotgun, your thoughts are wrong. Inserted into your head by your environment.

But if you could swap for a moment, live in the heart of a parent mourning their murdered child for a second, then you would fall to your knees and apologise for wandering so far from the path of good intention.

You can make a difference. If you are an American reading this and you have a gun in your house, go and get it, take it out and bury it in your garden.

You can do your little bit for peace.

Bury it deep, because the deeper you bury your gun in your own garden, the closer you carry peace to the surface for all of us to walk on.

If no bullet leaves your gun in your life, you will leave only footprints when you die.

And maybe when the people of America show their will by putting down the guns so easy to get hold of, maybe one day the government and the senate will look around and notice the money they’re making has disappeared.

Because when people stop buying guns, when the industry isn’t a billion dollar business, gun shops will close; and gun violence will end.

How can we be creating a world where books shops are closing, but gun shops are booming?

You might believe the gun in your house is safe because it’s locked inside a gun cabinet, but how many adults who have a gun cabinet know for sure their children don’t know where the key is?

Children keep secrets, and parents don’t know when they do.

No gun is safe, every accident is a lost life waiting to happen.

Make a change, go and bury your gun in your garden and tell everyone on Facebook, Twitter and your blog what you have done, and explain why.

Do your own little bit to bring peace to this world.

You can go to bed at night and not have to worry where the key is to your guns, or if your child is going to be the next kid to appear on the news.

And maybe one day, our television screens will stop flooding our front rooms with images of American children shot and dying from violence, and the American government will stop perpetuating this myth guns are for peace.

Guns aren’t cool, peace is.

Maybe the leaders of America will never stop being producers of weapons, but it won’t matter, if the people take matters into their own hands; instead of a gun.

As the old saying goes, what would happen if they had a war and nobody came?

Well, what will happen when the US Government continue to make guns, but the people of America refuse to pick them up, and bury the ones they have in a peaceful act against violence?

16 thoughts on “The Oxymoron of (American) Gun Control

  1. First of all, I would like to compliment you on your post. It was a very passionate and interesting read and I always enjoy reading someone’s post that is not afraid to express their opinions. However in this case, I will have to say that I respectfully do not agree to the logic of your assertion that the solution is to “take all the guns away.” I am not trying to change your mind but offering you an alternative perspective.

    How about we apply this (your) logic to other tragedies in America and see how much it makes sense? According to MADD, in 2013 10,076 people were killed by drunk drivers and another 290,000 were injured. So the only way to insure that we no longer have any fatalities or injuries is to take away all the cars? Better yet, why don’t we simply bring back prohibition and outlaw alcohol all together? If you are 100% on board with both of those “solutions” then I understand where you are coming from. However if we look at this history of prohibition, it ended up increasing crime in major cities and did very little to ‘fix’ the issues that alcohol was perceived to create. Criminals will continue to break the laws as they see fit while the law abiding citizen is the one the ultimately suffers.

    Now I like to be as unbiased as possible, so let’s look at gun statistics too. According to the CDC there were 11,208 fatalities due to homicides with a gun in 2013. So while I am not trying to downplay the statistics, I am making a point that we have other issues within our society that are just as tragic but yet we are not willing to apply a “all or nothing” mindset as a solution to the issue.

    So why is that? Why are our politicians focused on one issue to the neglect of others? Simple – chase the money. According to, the Automotive lobby spent $58.6 million in 2013 while the Beer, Wine and Liquor lobby spent $24 million in 2013. According to the same site, the NRA spent $3.4 million in that same year and the gun control lobby spent $2.2 million. So who really is applying political influence through the use of money?

    Also too, let’s take a look at few historical precedents when a government took away all the guns from its citizens. Nazi Germany established gun control in 1938 to 1945 prior to its persecution of about 13 million Jewish people. How about closer to home? At Wounded Knee, the 7th Calvary came to confiscate the weapons of the Sioux people ‘for their own safety.’ After most of the weapons were confiscated, they proceeded to slaughter 297 individuals, 200 of which were woman and children. George Mason, who was the co-authors of the 2nd Amendment, was quoted as saying in 1788 that “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

    I have been a gun owner for 20+ years and I can tell you for a fact not a single one of the tens of thousands of bullets that have left my guns have ever injured and killed another human being. Why is that? Because I hold myself responsible for my actions, handle my guns in a trained and safe manner and I am a law abiding citizen. So while I am 100% all for taking guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally ill individuals, I refuse to allow my rights to be impinged because I have been raised in a society that values freedom above all.

  2. Not sure oxymoron is the proper term. There is no gun control, period. Yeah, there are background checks and the like but they don’t solve the real problems. The real stories don’t even make the news. Stories about inner city kids shooting each other in gang violence or rural suicides where guns offer an effective way to deal with depression. That’s not sensationalist enough to draw viewers so our top notch news teams ignore it for things like shooting sprees which, apparently, we are graced with here more often than not this side of the pond.

    There will naturally be copy cat sprees to follow, especially as the media milks the event for every single click of the remote they can get and jams this tragedy so far into the American subconcious that it only surfaces in the most deranged, psychotropically laden minds. I’ve heard the shooter was African American as well so they’ll most likely throw race into the mix to stir up more ratings and civil unrest, all of which completely detracts from the real problem.

    Then, the NRA will go on about how arming everyone could have saved lives. They’ll ignore the fact that most of the time they complain that “gun free zones” leave people vulnerable and that this shooting happened at a military facility, which, I imagine, had guns nearby. Probably more guns than most small nations have in their adequate stockpiles.

    Of course, one side will wave their fists about gun control, the other will break out a faded piece of paper written when “guns” were black powder BB shooters with the accuracy of a Texas weather forecast. They’ll piss and moan just enough until people shut up and they don’t have to actually do anything but blame the other group for nothing happening. Then we’ll simply go on with our lives here in the good ‘ol US of A.

  3. A friend I respect linked to this on facebook, and I can only disagree.

    You state, “The future of every bullet in this world, from the deserts of Iraq, the locked gun cabinet in the house, the sidearm on the belt of the cop…The future of every bullet fired from a gun, is to cause death to one; but tears and loss to many more.”

    I have fired thousands of bullets in my life. None of those has ever been directed at another human being, or intended as practice for such a purpose.

    At 14, I started shooting competitively in a rifle range located in my high school’s basement. Trying out for the spot was a decision I made purely to annoy my parents. It surprised me as much or more as any of the hunters or sharpshooters when I turned out to be very good at it.
    I showed up every day to shoot after classes.. In my school’s basement. I wasn’t a particularly popular kid, and I did get bullied at times throughout high school. Using a gun against my classmates or others never crossed my mind. That’s not what a rifle was for.

    Shooting was never about power or control or independence. It certainly wasn’t about attention. I didn’t even think to tell anyone other than my parents that I made the team, and then only because I needed their permission if I wanted to be allowed back on the range. Your attempts to explain why people hold on to their firearms make it clear you don’t understand gun culture at all.

    Then you throw in an anti-Christianity, pro-masturbation passage? I’m not sure what preacher you ran into that was so concerned with your genitals, but that wasn’t something they generally discussed with the children or youth at my church or any other I’ve been to in the U.S. Maybe you do things differently in the U.K.

    Leaving aside your sentiments about religion, I didn’t understand your other values for teenagers at all.

    How can you think, “These young adults should be locked away in their bedrooms, masturbating six times a day,” and believe expecting anything else out of a teen is abuse? As a teen, I got up, rushed through a morning routine, went to school, spent 2 hours at the range, went home for dinner, spent 2-4 hours on homework, got some exercise and tried to get some sleep. You could replace my time at the range with any high school sport, club, or after school job and get the same effect. Then you find time to spend with friends, bond with family, see a movie, read a book, or watch a favorite show, and I wonder who has time to be locked up in their room jerking off and doing nothing to work towards reaching a goal.

  4. I’m so glad you followed me on twitter because it led me to this blog and I happen to agree with everything you say in this post. Couldn’t have put it better myself, especially your comments concerning the constitution. Have always been amazed that modern Americans allow themselves to be governed by such an obsolete document. Rather like taking the Bible as truth.

    1. I happen to take the Bible as truth, along with several 100 million other folks. As to American Constitution, while I agree with your points about gun control, if you live only in the present and do not take into account history, you will inevitably make the same mistakes that have already been made. That said, we tend, as humanity, to repeat mistakes anyway…..

      1. being surrounded by others equates to safety, not necessarily truth. 100 million other folk, could just as equally be as wrong as they are right. Taking history into account is not the same as being dictated by dated legislation. By all means, once a year, share a glass of wine and look back and remember. Have a special day where we share moments of silence for lost ones and have days when we tip a cap to the past and respect it. I’m all for that. But to still be governed by history? Makes little sense to me. When people get old, the system retires us. Yet, the system itself is controlled by ancient legislation. If the American Constitution was a person, our leaders would have been forced to retire it years ago. It would certainly no longer be able to drive it’s own car.

  5. “Small footprints in the snow, no child coming home to finish building their first snowman.” So poignant. That’s it in a nutshell… I don’t happen to agree with all you’ve said but your intention is far more sane than the current situation.

    1. Thanks! I wouldn’t expect anyone to agree with everything. It’s more the message behind what I’m saying. It’s just a blogpost, which means parts are a bit out of sync, other bits don’t make sense…some facts are possibly wrong…but overall my message is hoping common sense prevails, one day at least. THanks for reading Sarah!

      1. re Common Sense – would be wonderful if it did prevail. Let’s hope so. I read on twitter yesterday though a good quip: ‘Common sense is not so common’ – unfortunately this rings true to me.

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