Hold onto your prayers: take a black marker to religion instead

Senseless. Shocking. But hold onto your hypocritical prayers – 99% of all major religions do not accept gay people. Time to evolve. Rewrite our religious books so our kids have a chance. Yes, whoever did this is ill, but how long can we go on ignoring the hate and division contained within this planet’s religious books? Time to edit the divisive text from within the pages, as the thinking from sections within the books is counter intuitive to the peace on earth religious people bang on about wanting. The bible says fuck all other Gods or be cursed, the Quran says fuck all other Gods or die. Religious books are against gays and difference. Leviticus describes homosexual acts as an abomination. Religious books state homosexuality is a sin. And we wonder where hate and division comes from?

Keep the good things religion teaches, as there are plenty of good things. But isn’t it about time we deleted the rest? Why leave hate and madness open to interpretation by the sick, and the foolish?

And this morning, when UK leaders condemn the attacks; David Cameron, Carwyn Jones, Alex Salmond…One voice remains silent. Arlene Foster, the first minister of Northern Ireland isn’t saying a thing, and her silence screams narrow minded hatred injected into her dead black heart by her shitty religion. So keep your prayers. Until people from all religions are able to look at their religious books in a fair and balanced light and take responsibility for the hate-filled sections contained within them by removing certain passages, keep your prayers. They feel hypocritical at best and weak at worst. The man was mentally ill, but my son will grow up in a world where this can happen again – because despite the outpouring of grief, and everyone getting on their knees to pray again for a pile of innocent dead human beings, what will religion actually do to prevent another sick mind using specific passages to advocate mass murder? It’s time for a full review, and for the religious books of so many to be updated into something Christians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims don’t have to keep defending.

And I get it, it’s the crazy 1%, I completely agree – so why not amend the books so that the crazy 1% are unable to use religious books to justify hate crimes? Let these crazy people take responsibility for their own hatred, by removing hate and division from religious books. Why keep the parts of the books that holds large communities back, when they could become something that unite and inspires? Unless, of course, as shown by the silence of Arlene Foster, there is an element within all religious communities that deep down behind closed doors believes this is God’s work. And I fear that might be the case. If so, maybe this is hell on earth, we are such a disappointing species with any potential muted by anger and hatred, that it would no longer surprise me.

So after you’ve finished praying, question your religious books. Search your consciousness and delete the hate from within. Take a black marker, and remove it. First from your books, and then consequently from the future minds of the babies of Earth, currently residing in religious homes all over the planet.

3 thoughts on “Hold onto your prayers: take a black marker to religion instead

  1. Of course this should be done – immediately – I mean, beginning tomorrow. No, this evening. 🙂 But of course, your fear is not an abstract leap but the fact of the matter. 😦

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