If you #VoteLeave, then I’ll think the following…


If the UK votes to leave the EU and afterwards our economy goes to shit and everyone begins pointing fingers of blame and complaining, all I’ll think is this…

…You voted for this. You fuckwit. You voted for more austerity. You voted to hand the NHS to the people who told you they wanted to privatise it, meaning you are the reason your children and their children and so on risk dying from cancer because they can’t pay for expensive operations and over priced medicines charged by a healthcare system turned into a business. You voted to push the beer in your hand up by £2. You voted for public transport to become even more expensive. You voted for your holiday to become unaffordable. You voted to move back in with your parents at 45 because you can’t afford your rent. You voted to lower job seekers allowance. You voted to increase tax. You voted to only have a cabbage in your fridge for dinner. You did that. You voted to put up walls, and to take us back 100 years in terms of evolution and communication with the world. You voted to be led by men with the hearts and consciousness of Farage and Boris Johnson. You fuckwit. It was our United Kingdom, and your collective fuckwittery blew it up.

You blew it up!

So if you still don’t know, DECIDE. Or if you really can’t be bothered trust the European Central Bank, trust The Bank of England. Look as the FTSE 100 tumbles to a 3 month low. Look at the value of the pound decreasing. Look. Read. Find out.

And then Vote Remain.

3 thoughts on “If you #VoteLeave, then I’ll think the following…

  1. England has survived for centuries.Don’t let propaganda change that.The mainland needs your money for Globalization .They will throw polls at you and they aren’t true.God save the Queen and vote out .USA is with you .Soros is trying it here.Stand strong and keep your country independent .

    1. Using big words like globalisation, then capitalising them randomly, does not make you a macroeconomic genius.

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