RIP Peaches, sorry the world is full of ignorant cunts

I’m reading a lot of hate aimed at Peaches Geldof on Twitter and Facebook, here are some words to balance the hate. I should add I wasn’t a fan. Professionally speaking, there wasn’t really much to go on. But, I’m not talking about her career.

A lot of people have taken the view ‘I hate Peaches, but have only sympathy and love for the children’, but this view is muddled.

Peaches is her children, all grown up.

Peaches suffered the same event her children suffered, only she was older at the time of her mother’s death so would have lived her life enduring clearer memories. So those who are saying ‘I sympathise with the children, but think Peaches is evil and selfish’ make no sense. Unless these people mean that they have sympathy for Peaches’ kids until they grow up and start trying drugs to cope with their mum’s death. In which case, that’s not really sympathy, more allowing the first emotions (anger, superficial judgement etc) to rule the head, which is too simplistic a system to base any worthy conclusion on.

To blame any addict for their own death, shows a lack of insight into the history of the addict and the depths of suffering the human mind can plummet to. The reasons for Peaches’ drug problems are well documented. (And if she was taking heroin in the day with her kids, she was an addict. Addiction is not enjoyable.)

Nobody can judge, because nobody is Peaches. Typing this makes me feel weird, because on one level I understand it’s not my life to discuss, but on the other, I wanted to say something to balance the same moronic, hate-filled, ill-thought out conclusions the masses always seem to reach.

Nobody knows what happened, nobody was in Peaches’ head. These tragic events coupled with the response of the majority of people (pointing fingers and blaming Peaches while having only love for her children) merely highlight the cold flaw of society, and the idiocy of people high on the confidence of being in a large group protected by the anonymity of their on-line persona.

All this hate wont help Peaches’ children as they grow up. The very same children the bleeding heart of the masses claim to bleed for, will be crushed further when they grow up to read the hate aimed at the person who gave them life. The ‘blame Peaches’ stance will only continue to create more pain for her kids.

I await the stance of the masses to change from ‘protect the children’ to ‘hate the mum’ should – in 20 years time – either child fall into the same depression, become a mother, then lose their battle with drugs and a life that began with a struggle most of the people hating can thank their lucky stars they never had.

RIP Peaches, I hope your children find a way of figuring out this complicated life without you, and I’m sorry the world is full of ignorant cunts.

52 thoughts on “RIP Peaches, sorry the world is full of ignorant cunts

  1. This happend some time ago but I do remember thinking what an ungrateful stupid self centred poor excuse of a human being willingly takes heroin knowing full well what it could do to them and their family and friends? then I read it was peaches geldof and it all made sense. Not the sharpest tools in the box.

  2. My father died of a heroin overdose when I was 17 in 2007 and you could not have taken the words out of my mouth anymore if you tried. You my friend, are one of the most insightful people I have come across in a very long time so thank you x

  3. I think some people just find life harder than others and we really shouldn’t judge them for that, because we are so different. I can only presume she used heroin as a coping method, 2 kids are seriously hard work together not to mention being in the limelight and judged that way. I truly feel sorry for her and just wish she had the support that was needed to get out of that mess. All I can think is how she would have felt close to her mother and basically walking in her footsteps doing what she did. She was a grieving girl who wasnt on good terms with her dad and wished her mum was with her, just because your 25 with 2 kids doesnt mean that you dont still FEEL like that little lost girl. Its only after reading about her I realise how similar we are/were as people and as mothers. Only difference ive never touched drugs. The world is now without a lovely, clever girl who unlike alot of people nowadays had found her spiritual side, the side we’re all here to nourish. She had the chance to spread knowledge to people in her position!! Her spirit will no doubt be very close her sons at this time.

    Love and light to peaches and her family x

  4. Thank you Craig. Love your words. I did’nt realise there was so much animosity about Peaches. I was not in ‘her shoes’ so I can not judge. I have been through the tragic loss of a young relative to suicide. As a family we cope by supporting and helping each other through this…and treasure the memories we have… And that is my wish and hope for Peaches family. Any suicide is so tragic and soul destroying…and no blame…no resentment…no of any use whatsoever.

    1. majority of OD’s of heroin are not suicide – OD is more common as accidental death, by drugs.

  5. Annoys me that because people have a traumatic childhood or one traumatic moment in their life that it’s ok for them to turn to drugs as a way to deal with it! “No one can ever understand them, you have to be in their shoes!” It’s utter rubbish! The fact of the matter is that she consciously chose to get involved with drugs, this isn’t the normal route to go, I know plenty of people who’ve seen horrific things, some worse than she’ll ever experience but instead of turning to drugs they dealt with it like a normal person, stayed away from the drugs and proved that you can deal with things without getting high on whatever drug you can get your hands on! And if she was an addict then why was she ever allowed to be alone with her children?! That’s just blindly irresponsible from her family and friends. Addicts are unpredictable and selfish at the best of times, who’s saying she wouldn’t have jeopardised their safety at some point? Money and fame definitely stopped her from ever having her children taken off of her, if she actually was an addict. Or is this whole addict thing a ploy of trying to make a lot of people sorry for her??

    1. Amen.
      Never feel sorry for an addict – thrice burnt, is a lesson learnt.
      They can all go the way of peachy as far as I care.
      Their self inflicted misery burdens the whole of society .

  6. thank you your wonderful insightful words. haters i really do hope you never have a series of tragic events occur in your lives as your reactions may not be exemplary either. thank you brain scratch for this it makes me remember i am not entirely my own in world view!!

    1. you don’t know anyone’s situations and what life has dealt them, that’s what most here are implying, without looking for pity nor making up excuses for mistakes or bad choices that everyone makes, at some point in time.

      poor choices that a person knows will effect and hurt family, are a different story, those actions repeated over and over again, are not mistakes, they are choices.

      its not like peaches wasn’t aware of the possible, and the eventuated outcome.

  7. For all of you who judged her, be careful up there on that pedestal you’ve put yourself on, you may come tumbleing down!!!!!!!!!

    1. typical, anyone going against the original post are judgmental and on a pedestal.
      why do all drug related deaths get a send off as some kind of hero to be worshiped, or a martyr in some strange warped thinking , just beggars belief.

      the person who wrote this blog knows very little, he thinks peaches has 2 girls, to mention them becoming ‘mothers in the future’, he don’t know much at all.

      peaches made a bad choice affecting all her family and friends, a choice she hid even from her husband, becoming very deceitful as all druggies are, and her family and friends and her children have to suffer this,
      she had begun rehab, but still chose to continue taking her drug of choice,
      not everyone turns to substance abuse to cope with life, they find other ways that don’t hurt anybody, and peaches had all those options right at her feet, all the help at hand that many don’t get.

      was not just a one off ‘ stuff up mistake bad choice ‘ but continual, reckless and self indulgent, she chose to risk her life on same drugs that took her mother.
      so much for all her preaching on attached parenting, whilst having a drug addiction she also decides to start having babies, yep, all good right choices there.

      this aint judgmental anon, it’s the facts of substance abuse,
      bad decisions bad outcome -> that’s it.

      with all that insight from her past, she still went there.

  8. Whoever wrote this article is a cunt themselves. She took drugs in the same house whilst looking after her kids. That is irresponsible. Any one who turns to drugs deserves what they get quite frankly. Who gives a fuck if she has died? I don’t & never will. Fuck Peaches Geldof

  9. Typical, oh you dont know what pain someone is goin through so dont judge them crap!

    The simple fact of the matter is, she shouldnt have been anywhere near kids if she had such an addiction, its indefensible.

    If she was from a poor part of town the state would taken the kids off her so it shouldn’t be one rule for the rich and one for the poor.

    She should of thought twice about bringing kids into this world if she had such issues.

  10. Why do some people assume anyone with a drug addiction has depression or a hard knock life? That they all have some bad prior experience in life that turns them to drugs? There is a lot of addicts who are addicts for no other reason than being foolish enough, rich enough, cocky enough, to choose to start using a highly addictive drug, fully enjoying the high and the calming effect and finding these effects much more pleasing than facing up to the often tough realities of life, hoping to have it easier in life, wanting it easy, not living reality, not taking responsibility, many ripping off and cheating society, and still living a good full life hiding within their addiction, hurting lying cheating many within their selfish life. To me, they are cowards. I would have thought, any child who experienced what Peaches did with her own mother, would use her experience helping and educating other children to not go that path, rather than go that path herself. What did she learn and draw from her own experience is the only passing thought I now have upon reading anything regarding Peaches. If you think this is harsh, and the person writing this has no dealing with family addictions of drugs and alcohol, you are wrong. Talking from own experience too and that hasn’t driven me to drugs or alcohol, in fact, had the opposite effect.

    1. I so agree with you. She was a very intelligent woman, she should have learnt from her mother’s mistakes. Her children should have been enough for her to not have taken that shit. It’s selfish.

  11. a very confused person. hooked on diet pills as needed to stay slim to keep the jobs coming in as for some reason the media says to be thin is succesful trying to get the next job over some one she feels is slimmer/prettier than her .chasing jobs as husband not working since his band folded so trying to provide for her family.yes she lived in a million pound house and if mortage was too high should have considered moving to a smaller property children are to young to think she’d failed them still screwed up by losing her mum all those years ago. not in close contact with her dad who would have helped her had she asked but she didn’t too much pride to say hey i need help she had the same problems and same insecurites as you or i where as you may have a glass of wine or 2 maybe even a bottle she opted for something harder wrong choice admitidly nut something to help her forget her problems for a while. either way now is the time to let her family grieve at the end of the day she was a human being someones grandaughter/daughter/sister/mother/wife/friend she was something to someone

  12. good on you, nobody has a right in commenting on addiction unless they’ve been there and walked her shoes, i havent been addicted to heroin, but my brother has and ive seen him go through hell and back to fight it, even the thought of losing us couldn’t bring him out of it even now 15 years on he still gets the urge but he is now on meth,….. so in future all you ” we hate addicts ” band wagon cock suckers. fuck off grow up and walk a mile in their shoes!,
    peaches had been through so much in such a short time, imagine having to say goodbye to your mum at such a tender age!, being in the lime light from birth, things take their toll on such a young girl, and all the hate for her now will backlash and hurt her precious little children, who i hope is strong enough and wise enough to take all the hate with a pinch of salt,
    just remember…. peaches was a person too and had the right to do wrong time by time

    1. Jeez, Sherry, the lack of punctuation in your comment made incredibly difficult to read!

  13. *the thought of her family should have been enough not to take drugs. There all this “OMG peaches R.I.P” is just a load of rubbish. Unfortunately she’s dead and my sympathy lies with her children.

    What did she do for society to be such an inspiration to people?

  14. She deserves no sympathy to be honest. I had my first child 10 days ago and for me to do such a risky drug is ridiculous if you love your children.

    What problems did she have? 1st world problems! She had the money to go to rehab, she had the support to stop and te thought of her family

  15. I really don’t know a lot about this, I tend no to read into the news if I can help it. But I would really like to add that basically speaking it is simply harsh to not feel sympathy for her as fellow human being- she was obviously troubled and to not not feel sympathy for that is clearly judgmental towards the fact that she used drugs, whether or not one can understand that we must remain open minded.

  16. It has nothing to do with anybody else but her family let her rest in peace….and let them remember good times they shared ….nobody should judge anyone … Live your life and be thankful for what you have today for tomorrow things could be different …… just never know and that is life ….

  17. An addict chooses that way of life, they deserve no sympathy. Everyone knows the risks involved with taking drigs, and any parent should be disgusted at themselves for endangering their lives whilst they have children especially. Addicts, through EVERY fault of their own, (they chose to try that first hit), cost the NHS millions in resources, they cost the police millions in resources, they cost the country as a whole BILLIONS, through their own selfishness. Sorry, but I am stuck indoors with a genuine illness, and because of a lack of resources, it has taken the NHS 8 years to be able to finally get me the help I need. The junkies costing the NHS cos of their overdoses and use of needles, the criminals thieving to fund their habits costing the police money that could be better spent helping victims of crime. All because selfish people are too weak to say no to drugs. Junkies/alchies, you should have to PAY for NHS treatment as it is self-inflicted. No sympathy whatsoever.

  18. I also dislike being labelled a c##t! As others have said, having children is a choice, if you are not in the right place then that should influence any decision you make about bringing children into the world. Children deserve to have a mother to nurture them, too many difficulties can arise when they don’t get what they deserve or have the right to have, a mother is one of those rights. I agree that addiction may not be enjoyable, but if it not a lifestyle choice how does it begin??

  19. You are a twat! Anyone who takes drugs is a cunt and I’m guessing you are an addict due to your ‘feeling’s.,

    1. Sometimes you are in the right place at the time but that can change within a moment. Self-medication is common amongst those with undiagnosed mental health problems

  20. I agree with this. I met peaches a couple of times and although I didn’t know her well, her death shocked me. She seemed to have got her life in order and was no longer on the party scene. At the end of the day I don’t think it should have been classed as public interest for us to know what killed her as it will only have a detrimental effect on her kids. I don’t think that knowing she died with heroin in her system will stop a person from trying the drug.

  21. Dull. Calls everyone judgmental, calls everyone a cunt. If you truly empathised with Peaches’ plight you wouldn’t publish a controversial (and viral it seems) blog, giving people more power to make short sighted judgments in the comments section. BRAVA!

    1. After contemplation I feel I need to add more, as I only disagree with the principle of this blog post but feel the need to express that I do agree with some of the content.
      I empathise with this comment: “…the depths of suffering the human mind can plummet to”, as from personal experience, reaching those states of mind can compel you to believe your situation is the worst possible. I completely concur of the enormous complexity of mental illness and that making surface judgments is, in most cases, not best practice.
      The masses can/will judge, and so let them. Their judgements are superficial and lack evidence.
      I’d like to add that the general tone of your post almost implies that all individuals, when placed in a difficult situation will “try drugs” and become addicts. If this is your intended tone, and is not sarcasm or humour, then I resent that tone.
      I know not of Peaches’ exact situation, however I do know that I’ve seen addicts beat addiction through motivation drawn from love of their children, and without the financial backing of – no less than – Sir Bob Geldof. Don’t give addicts too bad of a name.

  22. Well done for simply being bothered to write this piece…i agree with you entirely…i am a recovering addict and psychotherapist and long ago ran out of the energy required to challenge the judgmental idiots that all come crawling out of the woodwork when someone notable dies an addiction related illness…row after row of ill informed simpletons shouting as loud as they can concerning an illness they have no understanding of…making absolute fools of themselves through their clear ignorance and displaying just about every repulsive human trait possible as they lay out their pointless drivel line after repulsive line…the strong views on what makes a good parent smashed into a million pieces as they display all of the characteristics one would hope a child will never witness, let alone take on board!

    Ok..i guess i’m done…and i swore to myself i wouldn’t bother getting involved…oh well…thanks for the inspiration Craig and keep up the good work 🙂

  23. How dare you call me a ignorant cunt!! Choices choices… You have a child, that’s a choice!! YOU made that choice (not the child), the child didn’t get an option! You did!?! History prevails and you know better. We learn from others and you didn’t. You nurture that child through hard times and bad. You don’t please yourself with drugs to make your life better. Life is hard, full of cunts. Those cunts make it as hard as possible to carry on, to survive, to live to thrive. To be a better person, to work to provide, to influence others. You think as a drug addict you got it hard!?! Bless you and your choice of habit! We all feel sorry for you. Your child understands the difficult choices you have made and respects you for leaving them in this world, alone, no guidance, no mistakes, no second chance, nobody to advise, she’s gone! The one that brought me in, the one that cares, my mum!!! Poor mum! That one time you were weak enough to try it for the first time. ‘Mum did it’ well done mum that really helped! And you blame society for pointing the finger at the bad mum. Help us. Poor kid’ you will survive, don’t follow the footsteps.

  24. Dislike. I teach children and see the affects of drug addict/user parents on children daily, children from deprived, penniless families.
    This woman chose this way of life, despite her mother doing the same, despite being a millionaire, despite her father’s heartache, despite having 2 innocent beautiful children, despite having access to the worlds most expensive counsellors and rehab.
    Who wrote this and how can you comment so if they don’t know her personally? She should have thought of her family, children and mother before herself. At the end of the day she is a celebrity druggie who made her children suffer therefore no sympathy or respect from a hardworking, respectful mother who

  25. As much as peaches must have had reasons for feeling she needed to take drugs, she knew what they could do as she saw it herself with her mother. She was selfish to subject her children to the same life. I’m sure she knew that herself too. I’m not saying I hate her or that I don’t feel bad for her because I do but it’s the children and her poor husband who deserve the sympathy. Not her.

  26. You may be judgemental yourself there. Especially assuming you know all about it and calling everyone else ignorants cunts. Especially when you seem to suffer ignorance yourself as you suggest her children may one day grow up and become a mother themselves- that’d be difficult seeing as she had two sons.

  27. Hate ignorance, poor Peaches. I hate it when people say, there are worse people out there than you. If someone has a mixed up confused head then nothing or no-one is in a worse position than they are in their mind at that point. No one knows what really happened. RIP Peaches. Such a shame.

  28. This was exactly what I wrote on my fb wall it angered me at ppls idiotic veiws. I have been there and seen someone loose their life to addiction nobody chooses that! But not everyone can cope with life and its hard road. Its so sad thag not all of us come ftom these perfect easy lifes all the haters out there slsting thos women obviously have! And amen to you she has a family that can read all that! So I think ur worse than her with ur hateful opinions as ur causing pain to those that are dealing with enough already!

  29. So if Peaches was alive and had merely been caught using heroine around her children,society could judge her a terrible mum and potentially remove her kids away from harm. But,because she is dead,society can jog on for thinking she’s a selfish tosser…..

    1. Addiction IS a lifestyle choice – if people are stupid enough to try drugs, they get all they deserve. No one forces a person to take heroin or drugs, they do it out of choice because they are weak or stupid. I had a tough childhood, my dad died of cancer when i was 9, and later in life i have developed serious anxiety issues, but not once have i thought to lower myself to drugs! People like her cost the nhs and police millions a year – look how many junkie scum go out stealing and mugging to feed their self-inflicted habit, look how much it costs the nhs each year to provide needles for these scum.Look how much serious damage they do to society. No sympathy for addicts at all, they chose that path, their own stupid fault.

  30. Perfectly put:
    “merely highlight the cold flaw of society, and the idiocy of people high on the confidence of being in a large group protected by the anonymity of their on-line persona.”

    Why does ignorance and prejudice pervade this world? Perhaps…., one day, they will learn.

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