Theresa May’s poppy stunt makes me want to vomit.

Not wearing a poppy doesn’t make you anti-war, and wearing one doesn’t make you pro-death. BUT how anyone can’t see the hypocrisy of Theresa May wearing the poppy and wanting the England football team to wear the poppy is beyond me.

Theresa May put a poppy on outside number 10 – this makes it political. Theresa May heads up the conservative government who are systematically cutting the British Army budget and have been for years – the tory government will eventually reduce the British Army to its smallest size in 250 years [2]. Considering the tory government has cut mental health budgets [3] and the NHS budgets [4] and specifically DISABILITY BENEFITS [5] – and how are people not shouting at the TV when Theresa May puts a poppy on and tells the UK that the Football team should be wearing a poppy and you, at home, should pay money to cover the government’s cuts?

The only reason she is doing this, is it saves her money, because instead of the government taking care of our wounded military (the very people they have sent out to die and get injured in the first place), they have encouraged, cultivated and fostered this bullshit atmosphere in this country whereby people who wear poppies feel like they are supporting heroes and judge people who don’t – and using the England football team to promote the poppy just pushes the poppy into every home in this country. Football fans generally speaking are the average brit – hard working families who are not millionaires – the people the tory government is taking men from via cutting taxes and family benefits [6].

If Theresa May gave a f*ck about the armed services she would be putting money in the pot for the British Army (including the British Legion), mental health services of this country, but she is emptying it. And, not only that, she is using the England football team to make sure the England football fan picks up her bill, by creating social pressure to wear a poppy and fighting FIFA by acting all holy and supportive.

If Theresa May said the England team should wear a poppy and the conservative government would match any money raised from this year’s poppy appeal, I would be all for it – instead, she is taking from the poor, and then making the poor pay for what the government should be paying for, while also acting like she’s all for the British Army – when all of the facts clearly state that she’s insulting the intelligence of this country – she is stealing the money from your wallet, then telling FIFA to break their own rules to brainwash you into paying her bar bill.

So stick that poppy on your coat in front of the camera’s Theresa May, shout in parliament about how unfair FIFA are being – give the press soundbites about how you support our military past and present – look like a saint to the press but peel back a layer, and it’s all bullshit and lies.


2 thoughts on “Theresa May’s poppy stunt makes me want to vomit.

  1. I am glad to hear my British Social Media friends talk about politics.I was concerned it was an American thing and I was boring to all of you.

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