The Mistakes that Corbyn make in power could just change the world…

I think some people miss the point of Jeremy Corbyn. The Corbyn argument is shaped by how successful we think those trying to obtain power will be, or won’t be. We talk about how Corbyn will ruin the country, or how there is nobody better than May at the moment. But, we forget: all leaders are destined for failure. It is inescapable.

So it’s not that I think Corbyn will be able to do much different when/if he comes to power. It’s not that when he’s in power he will not fail or make the inevitable massive mistakes. What is different, is that that he’s a normal human being who doesn’t need to be fed lines by PR consultants to appear likeable to continue an agenda.

It’s that when he inevitably makes the mistakes and fails as a leader, it’s that he wouldn’t have failed because he wasn’t trying his best to do the right thing.

He wouldn’t have failed because he never cared or tried, and everything he said to get into power was bullshit to fool the masses to vote for him.

If he does ever become PM, I expect him to fail like every other politician ever has. But, I expect him to explain what he’s trying to do. I expect him to come out and explain why he couldn’t achieve what he wanted. I expect him to be specific with what isn’t working and how he failed – because all those things take character; and character is the one attribute that money and an education at Oxford can’t buy. And it’s only through a person of character failing, that we can ever really change to become a country that views politics differently. Because it’s only through the failing of character, that truth appears.

I hope, that it will be through how he handles his future failures, that we learn so much that the country looks at everything that has ever happened in politics though a more honest light.

And hey, there’s always the chance that he won’t fail…

This to me, is far more exciting than the status quo going round and round on repeat.

I mean, look at Corbyn. On the stage at Glastonbury being chanted at by crowds of young people. He’s a million miles away from the Conservative government who closed down The Fridge and wants to kill The Internet.

Whatever you think, surely nobody can deny the impact Jeremy Corbyn has had on politics – that’s Glastonbury main stage.

And he looked at home.

We’ve been waiting a long time for someone like him to fail.

The lessons we learn could change the world.

And if you listen closely, you can hear Theresa May’s tears currently being wiped from her face by a private butler in a wheatfield somewhere in Windsor…

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