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Life Knocks is the autobiographical story of how it’s possible to lose love on the beautiful shores of Hawaii, but find it again in the milky eyes of an old man on the other side of a door, on the wet concrete streets of North London.

Life Knocks is my second novel. It’s the memoir of my struggles with love, friendship and isolation in my mid-twenties. When I was 24, I worked in an office and dreamt of living a life. Anxious I was already trapped in a life I hated forever, I quit my job to seek a life less travelled. I fell in love, lived in Hawaii and travelled Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. By the age of 28, I was back in London and living in Willesden Green. I’m back working in an office and living in a small studio flat after battling homelessness, drugs, poverty, alcohol and life again. I can’t figure out how to fit back into London life, but find solace and companionship in an unlikely friendship with the man I hate the most in the world: my racist, homophobic, bastard landlord Mohammad. Mohammad is elderly, lonely, bitter and suffering possible dementia.

Colossus (the name of my muse) wants to be a recluse, to drink and wallow in the misery of youth, but Mohammad wants to make him his best friend, and he only lives in the flat downstairs. Colossus and Mohammad are alone, but they soon discover in this life of love lost and friendships gained, that they have a lot more in common than either knows how to face…

Life Knocks was shortlisted for the world respected Dundee International Book Prize, so, it’s good.

Please download Life Knocks to find out for yourself.

If you don’t think Life Knocks is original, if it doesn’t make you laugh and think, then leave a bad review on Amazon and Goodreads.

That’s my challenge to you.

Many thanks! x

Here’s what the BBC, published authors and readers have to say:

Here’s what the BBC, published authors and readers have to say:

“Had us in fits of laughter.” The BBC Comedy Cafe.

“A wonderfully wonky, brilliantly honest book about love.” Matthew Hill. Author of The Folded Man.

“Incredible” Sonia Land. Sheil Land Associates.

“Life Knocks has become one of my favourite books. It is such a wonderful snapshot of life, written in a rhythm that alone is worth reading, let alone the story which is all captivating, mad, sad and degenerate to know. This story and its writing is so refreshing in a field full of drab that stick to the rules of confinement. I loved the metaphors, envious that someone could come up with such wonderful images. Author Craig Stone is an awesomely talented writer and storyteller. Too many published books don’t say anything, don’t convey the truth of human nature. This does in abundance. Buy it, read it, love it.” Journalist/Author David Hurst.

“Life Knocks has moments of pure heartbreaking pain, desperation, abuse and a person hitting rock bottom. But it is brilliant, there are moments of love, pure unbridled love. The type of love others books claim to be about but can only dream of conveying.” Author James Joshua.

“Laugh out loud funny and heartbreaking, a must read. Reading this is something like having buckets of glitter and water dumped unexpectedly over your head, and then watching the resultant mix flowing down river – startling, disorienting, beautiful, surreal, twirling in random side pools and tangents, but ultimately all heading to the same destination.”

“I would not be surprised if, 50 years from now, Craig Stone ends up being considered one of the classic writers of our day. His writing shows incredible depth of insight into human nature.” Author Regi McClain.

BUDDING authors from three continents made the shortlist for the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize.
A dozen debut novels have made the penultimate stage of the competition.
A record-breaking 475 entries entered this year’s competition, which offers one debut novelist the chance to win a publishing deal with Cargo Publishing and £10,000 – the largest cash prize for unpublished work in the UK. The shortlist will now be whittled down to a final three before judges decide the winner.

The shortlist for the 2012 Dundee International Book Prize is:

‘Life Knocks’ by Craig Stone, London. <<<<<
‘Matchstick Girl’ by Suzanne Hocking, New Zealand.
‘The Folded Man’ by Matt Hill, Manchester.
‘Mum to Mum’ by Hazel Ellis-Saxon, Kirriemuir.
‘The Dandelion Clock’ by Margot McCuaig, Glasgow.
‘The Distillery Boys’ by Neil Cocker, Luxembourg.

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